The CLOser - February 2017

2017年 2月 16日

The CLOser - February 2017

The CLOser is the Maples group's industry newsletter for the global CLO market. The Maples Global CLO Team provides Cayman Islands and Irish legal advice and CLO issuer / co-issuer and fiduciary services in the Cayman Islands, Delaware, Dublin, London and the Netherlands.

This edition of the CLOser includes:

•   2016 US CLO Market Review and 2017 Predictions
•   2016 European CLO Market Review and 2017 Predictions
•   Irish Listings Update
•   MAR - A Consequence of Listing on the Irish Stock Exchange 
•   The Widening Use of UK SPVs
•   Maples Fiduciary: Enhanced Options for Distressed and Illiquid Assets on Wind Down
•   Maples Fiduciary: Risk Retention Part II Highlights, Refinancings and Tax Administration
•   A CLOser Look: Fun Facts About Two Members of Our Team
•   Appendix 1: H2 2016 US CLO Deal List
•   Appendix 2: H2 2016 European CLO Deal List

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