Commercial property disputes


Our team has experience of a wide range of commercial property matters.  We regularly advise landowners in relation to lease/licence issues and business tenancies, and leaseholders in relation to breach of covenant.

We act for a range of clients with diverse property interests from property developers to businesses with multiple leaseholds to building companies. We have significant expertise in advising developers and contractors in relation to rights of access and basis of possession tenants and landlords in relation to issues concerning commercial rent review clauses.

Recent examples of cases include:

  • Acting for a developer in respect of a claim for malicious prosecution arising from an enforcement order served during the construction of a hotel and residential development.  We successfully argued that the effect of the enforcement order was to destroy the viability of the project, resulting in the loss of the €20million claim.
  • Acting for a landowner in respect of a claim brought by a materials supplier operating for an extended period from the landowner's land without a formal lease or licence.
  • Acting for a land owner in relation to a property damage claim made by an adjoining owner claiming damage arising from works carried out on the client’s land.
  • Acting for a major contractor in relation to extensive defects allegedly present in a large commercial development constructed under a design and build contract.  It involved over 400 alleged defects and gave rise to a claim against 23 Defendants in respect of the various allegations.
  • Acting for a contractor in expert determination proceedings relating to correct cladding on a newly constructed hotel. The expert determination process led to a resolution in favour of our client.



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Clients choose us and come back to us because of our team based, commercial approach to solving their problems.

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