Process Agency Services

The Maples group offers a unique advantage for clients who require a third party to accept legal proceedings on their behalf. Our UK Process Agency services are managed by a dedicated team, available 24/7, who are able to guide you through the appointment procedure and customise documentation to suit the terms of a particular transaction.

Provided primarily through our London office since 1997, Process Agency services are also available through our other offices. The Maples group is able to accept service of process on your behalf for all types of transactions.

We can accept legal proceedings on behalf of a party that has submitted to the jurisdiction of the local courts, but does not have the ability to accept legal proceedings itself within that jurisdiction, or where a counterparty requires a party to appoint an institutional process agent. Our Process Agency services are available, whether or not our lawyers are advising on the relevant transaction, or other services are being provided by our affiliates.

We make the appointment procedure straightforward and appealing to clients, documenting the confirmation of terms by way of letter agreement. Our fee structure is simple and cost-effective comprising a flat fee, payable upon appointment in respect of each year of the term (regardless of the number of documents). Our clients also benefit from separate arrangements for transactions involving programmes where we charge an initial fee relating to the establishment of the programme and a further fee payable for each series.

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