Irish Funds Group


Ireland is a recognised global centre for international investment funds. There are over 11,000 professionals employed in the industry servicing assets in 2010 worth over €1.8trillion in over 11,000 funds.

Founded in 2006, our investment funds group is the fastest growing practice in this sector, having advised on more Irish fund launches than any other firm in 2010. Our Dublin based funds partners have unrivalled combined experience going back as far as 1989 when the international financial services centre ("IFSC") was first established in Dublin. 

Our Dublin office funds group specialises in onshore investment fund products of all types including mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, managed account platforms, master-feeder funds, fund of funds and a varity of hybrid structures.

We advise on UCITS (both traditional and alternative/NewCITS), AIFM issues and the global distribution of retail funds, professional investor funds ("PIFs") and qualifying investor funds ("QIFs").

These regulatory categories can be adapted to fit almost any investment strategy and there are a wide variety of legal structures available:

  • Investment Companies;
  • Unit Trusts;
  • Investment Limited Partnerships;
  • Common Contractual Funds; and
  • Other categories (including Unregulated Limited Partnerships and Special Purpose Vehicles).

Each of these structures offer different legal, regulatory and tax features which can be tailored to suit international investment fund managers and their investors.

Irish funds are distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide with a truly international investor base. While Irish funds can be classified under many headings, broadly speaking there are two main categories – UCITS and Non-UCITS funds which can be sold to both retail and institutional investors throughout the world.

Further details of all of the fund structures noted above are available in the News & Expertise section of the website.



Maples and Calder 英属维尔京群岛办事处
Richard May
work +1 284 852 3027

Cayman Islands

Maples and Calder 开曼群岛办事处
Jon Fowler
work +1 345 814 5526
Maples and Calder 开曼群岛办事处
Iain McMurdo
work +1 345 814 5378


Maples and Calder 杜拜办事处
Tahir Jawed
work +971 4 360 4071


Maples and Calder 都柏林办事处
Peter Stapleton
work +353 1 619 2024
Maples and Calder 都柏林办事处
Stephen Carty
work +353 1 619 2023
Maples and Calder 都柏林办事处
Ian Conlon
work +353 1 619 2714
Maples and Calder 伦敦办事处
Adam Donoghue
work +44 20 7466 1711
Maples and Calder 都柏林办事处
Ciara O'Leary
work +353 1 619 2034

Hong Kong

Maples and Calder 香港办事处
Anthony Webster
work +852 2971 3001


Maples and Calder 伦敦办事处
Paul Govier
work +44 20 7466 1631

Combining our partners' expertise with the firm's core values ensures that our advice is commercially focused and solutions driven.

Barry McGrath, Partner, Dublin