Investment Platforms

We act for an unparalleled number of bank and independently sponsored offshore and onshore fund platforms and we work closely with leading onshore law firms to assist our clients with overcoming the challenges and demands of structuring, establishing, operating and distributing a successful platform. 

Our experience in the establishment of platforms encompasses a broad range of different structures with a variety of different vehicles and fund types, including exempted companies, exempted limited partnerships, SPCs, unit trusts, UCITS, AIFs, ICAVs, ETFs and managed accounts.  

Our depth of expertise, knowledge and experience means that we are able to respond to and meet our clients' needs, including establishing new vehicles within tight time frames; structuring the platform to meet legal, regulatory or tax requirements; creating new fund or fund-linked products and creating form documents for use across the platform so as to streamline the processes associated with the operation of multiple fund structures, service providers and counterparties.  

We offer listing (CSX and ISE) and global registrations services to assist our clients with the sale, distribution and marketing of platforms.

Maples eServices

We understand the administrative burdens of operating a number of vehicles across a platform. Our proprietary entity management system, Maples eServices, will provide you with 24 hour web-based access to all of the fund documentation for each of the entities on the platform and a host of other related information and services.


Our affiliate MaplesFS is able to provide independent directors, share trustee services and financial statement compilation, which are critical requirements for many platform sponsors. This relationship with MaplesFS can be key for many sponsors in creating efficiencies in the establishment and administration of the platform.

Hosted Management Company/Management Company Support Solutions

One of the Maples group's ancillary offerings which is unique in the Irish legal market is the Maples group's AIFM and UCITS management company business. MPMF Fund Management (Ireland) Limited (MPMF) is a Central Bank dual-authorised Irish AIFM and UCITS management company. MPMF provides services to Irish AIFs and UCITS to meet on-going compliance obligations under AIFMD/UCITS.

Following the model of a Central Bank authorised Irish-based alternative investment fund manager (AIFM), Ceres Fund Management (Cayman) Limited (Ceres) offers AIFM solutions for Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands alternative investment funds (AIFs) that meet the ongoing obligations under AIFMD.

Both MPMF and Ceres provide flexible solutions to its clients through experienced teams which include investment and risk management professionals, designated individuals with in-depth knowledge of regulatory and compliance matters and in-house designated technology for risk and regulatory reporting.



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