Whether you are looking for an onshore or offshore hedge fund product, we have the relevant expertise to assist you through our global groups - our Cayman Islands Funds Group, our Irish Funds Group, our British Virgin Islands Funds Group and our Luxembourg Funds Group.

The 31 December 2017 comparison figures below show our coverage of the key funds jurisdictions.

Our hedge funds practice acts for:

  • six out of the top 10 world's largest single managers ranked by assets under management;
  • three out of the five largest hedge fund launches in 2017, according to HFM Week;
  • 16 out of the 20 largest European Hedge Fund Managers, ranked by assets under management; and
  • eight out of the 10 largest European hedge funds launched in 2017, according to HFM Week

We value the strong relationships we have developed with our clients. We believe that the best results are achieved by creating teams within a group structure so that our lawyers and MaplesFS professionals can work closely together to provide a comprehensive range of legal, fiduciary and administration services

We predominantly advise in conjunction with leading onshore hedge fund counsel in the relevant jurisdictions, and our experience as offshore counsel for hedge funds is second to none. 



Maples and Calder 英属维尔京群岛办事处
Richard May
work +1 284 852 3027

Cayman Islands

Maples and Calder 开曼群岛办事处
Jon Fowler
work +1 345 814 5526
Maples and Calder 开曼群岛办事处
Iain McMurdo
work +1 345 814 5378


Maples and Calder 杜拜办事处
Tahir Jawed
work +971 4 360 4071


Maples and Calder 都柏林办事处
Peter Stapleton
work +353 1 619 2024
Maples and Calder 都柏林办事处
Stephen Carty
work +353 1 619 2023
Maples and Calder 都柏林办事处
Ian Conlon
work +353 1 619 2714
Maples and Calder 伦敦办事处
Adam Donoghue
work +44 20 7466 1711
Maples and Calder 都柏林办事处
Ciara O'Leary
work +353 1 619 2034

Hong Kong

Maples and Calder 香港办事处
Anthony Webster
work +852 2971 3001


Maples and Calder Jersey
Simon Hopwood
work +44 1534 495 314


Maples and Calder 伦敦办事处
Paul Govier
work +44 20 7466 1631


Maples and Calder Luxembourg
Johan Terblanche
work +352 28 55 12 44


Maples and Calder 新加坡办事处
Tom Katsaros
work +65 6922 8403

In 2017 we acted on 37% of all CIMA registered funds. That level of Cayman Islands market experience is unmatched, and we use insights gained for the benefit of our clients.

Jon Fowler, Partner, Cayman