Debt Listing


Our debt listing teams in the Cayman Islands and Ireland have extensive experience in listing a variety of structured finance and debt products including CLOs, CDOs, CLNs, loan instruments and other forms of asset backed securities on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX) and the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) respectively.

In Dublin we provide listing services through Maples and Calder, which was approved by the ISE as an authorised sponsor to provide listing services for specialist debt securities and investment funds, and Irish paying agency services through MaplesFS.

Through regular interaction with the ISE, our listing specialists have obtained a deep knowledge of ISE rules and procedures and can provide expert advice regarding the ISE listing process, the suitability of product particulars for listing on the ISE, pre-submission review of all listing documentation for Prospectus Directive requirements and, importantly, post-listing advice to ensure compliance with the continuing obligations of the ISE. Our particular expertise as an EU Listing co-ordinator on pan-European listings includes specialist advice on launching ETC platforms on the SETS, Xetra and equivalent trading platforms. 

Our Cayman Islands office is registered as a listing agent with the CSX and advises on debt listings under both the "Specialist Debt Securities" and the "Eurobond" regimes.  The UK Inland Revenue has designated the CSX as a "Recognised Stock Exchange" under Section 841 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988. This means that debt securities listed on the CSX can satisfy the "quoted eurobond exemption" which allows payments by a UK paying agent to be made gross without deduction of UK withholding tax. 

In Luxembourg, our finance team is experienced in handling all types of capital market transactions both on the Luxembourg regulated market and on the alternative market (the Euro MTF) of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, and in assisting investment firms or international corporate groups in listing debt instruments through public or private offerings.



Maples and Calder 英属维尔京群岛办事处
Richard May
work +1 284 852 3027

Cayman Islands

Maples and Calder 开曼群岛办事处
Alasdair Robertson
work +1 345 814 5345
Maples and Calder 开曼群岛办事处
Mark Matthews
work +1 345 814 5314


Maples and Calder 杜拜办事处
Tahir Jawed
work +971 4 360 4071


Hong Kong

Maples and Calder 香港办事处
Mark Western
work +852 3690 7407


Maples and Calder Jersey
Christopher Byrne
work +44 1534 495 311


Maples and Calder 伦敦办事处
Jonathan Caulton
work +44 20 7466 1612


Maples and Calder Luxembourg
Arnaud Arrecgros
work +352 28 55 12 41


Maples and Calder 新加坡办事处
Michael Gagie
work +65 6922 8402

Our strategic global presence and highest quality expertise ensure that our clients receive unmatched service and advice, provided in a commercial and cost-effective way.

Mark Matthews, Partner, Cayman