Product liability


Product liability issues frequently arise in the context of broader commercial disputes often involving accompanying allegations of negligence. We have significant expertise in analysing product liability issues from a broader perspective, providing strategic commercial advice as to optimum solutions.

Our lawyers have advised on significant disputes arising from defects or alleged defects in goods supplied. Our experience extends across numerous sectors including construction, retail, agricultural and pharmaceutical. We have acted for manufacturers, retailers, end-users and their insurers.

Our clients also benefit from our insurance expertise when addressing any coverage or other issues arising under policies, as product liability disputes regularly involve insured parties. Our primary focus is to ensure the efficient, effective resolution of disputes.

Recent examples of cases include:

  • Acting for the defendant in complex disputes arising from the sale and supply of building materials containing pyrite. The extensive experience within our group of working in the construction and engineering industries assisted considerably in dealing with this particularly complex dispute.
  • Successfully pursuing to the Supreme Court an appeal from a High Court decision in relation to a product liability dispute in the agricultural sector.
  • Acting for a contractor in relation to a dispute arising from alleged deficiency in materials supplied for the construction of a large educational facility. It is alleged that the materials supplied is of insufficient strength and significant “remedial” works have been carried out to overcome the alleged defect. Multiparty proceedings are ongoing in this regard.
  • Acting for a pharmaceutical supplier in relation to a class action relating to the alleged medical consequences from the sale a particular pharmaceutical product to the public.
  • Acting for an insured party in a coverage claim against three layers of insurers arising from a major product liability dispute.  We advised our client in the negotiation and drafting of the various settlement agreements and the insurance claims were settled for a combined €50million total. 



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