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9 Nov 2018

In light of the uncertainty Brexit and BEPS will present, the Maples group has conducted a brief survey of its global client base to understand the expected impact of Brexit and BEPS, including the challenges and resulting implications for business operations.

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5 Nov 2018

IFLR1000 has released its 2019 guide to the world's leading financial and corporate law firms, with Maples and Calder achieving top tier rankings across its jurisdictions.

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23 Oct 2018

Maples and Calder's latest edition of our Funds Update - Ireland, a quarterly summary of Irish legal & regulatory and tax developments in recent months.

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22 Oct 2018

In this article, Ian Conlon and Ronan Cremin examine the new Securitisation Regulation that replaces the existing patchwork of sector-specific legislation governing European securitisations with harmonised rules on due diligence, risk retention and transparency.

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18 Oct 2018

In this article, Ian Conlon and Aaron Mulcahy highlight what makes the ICAV such an attractive legal structure for AIFs and how its introduction has seen the expansion of strategies being pursued. They also introduce the Investment Limited Partnership and highlight the proposed enhancements that are designed to make it a "best of breed" partnership structure.

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