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21 Nov 2017

This webcast reflects on the impact of Foundation Companies in the month since the first available registration date of Tuesday, 19 October 2017.Our panel of experts, including a member of the legislative drafting...

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19 Oct 2017

The Cayman Islands Foundation Companies Law (the "Law"), which was enacted earlier this year subject to a commencement order, has now been brought fully into effect. Foundation companies may therefore be incorporated in the Cayman Islands with effect from 19 October 2017.

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18 Oct 2017

Maples and Calder advised Ocean Rig UDW and three of its subsidiaries in relation to the complex, cutting edge and successful restructuring of US$3.7 billion of financial indebtedness. Among other innovations, the restructuring involved the first ever Cayman Islands schemes of arrangement of foreign incorporated companies and the first use of a Cayman Islands STAR trust in a restructuring.

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18 Sep 2017

Morven McMillan provides expert legal commentary on the key issues for high net worth individuals and important legal developments as in relation to the Cayman Islands. Her contribution formed part of the Chambers and Partners Private Wealth 2017 guide and covered 19 jurisdictions.

This article first appeared in the Chambers and Partners Private Wealth 2017 guide, published in May 2017.

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7 Sep 2017

Morven McMillan discusses the various roles of the family office including the affects of increased international travel and communication, serving different generations and adapting to changing needs and expectations.

This article first appeared in the third quarter of the Cayman Financial Review published in July 2017.

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