The CLOser - February 2017

16 February 2017

The CLOser is the Maples group's industry newsletter for the global CLO market. The Maples Global CLO Team provides Cayman Islands and Irish legal advice and CLO issuer / co-issuer and fiduciary services in the Cayman Islands, Delaware, Dublin, London and the Netherlands.

This edition of the CLOser includes:

•   2016 US CLO Market Review and 2017 Predictions
•   2016 European CLO Market Review and 2017 Predictions
•   Irish Listings Update
•   MAR - A Consequence of Listing on the Irish Stock Exchange 
•   The Widening Use of UK SPVs
•   Maples Fiduciary: Enhanced Options for Distressed and Illiquid Assets on Wind Down
•   Maples Fiduciary: Risk Retention Part II Highlights, Refinancings and Tax Administration
•   A CLOser Look: Fun Facts About Two Members of Our Team
•   Appendix 1: H2 2016 US CLO Deal List
•   Appendix 2: H2 2016 European CLO Deal List

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