Maples Fund Services Offers Facilities Agent Services in Ireland

19 December 2012

Maples Fund Services Offers Facilities Agent Services in Ireland

Maples Fund Services provides Facilities Agent Services in Ireland, principally to all foreign collective investment schemes ("CIS"), including UCITS authorised in another Member State which propose to market their units in Ireland. These services complement the administration services Maples Fund Services currently provides to a wide range of clients and structures.

The Facilities Agent Services provided by Maples Fund Services include:

• provision of facilities at our office, where the following (English language) documents  can be inspected and copies obtained, free of charge:

 - the instrument of incorporation of the CIS in its current form;

 - the current prospectus, including any addenda or amendments thereto of the CIS and where required, the key investor information document (“KIID”);

 - the most recently prepared and published annual and half-yearly reports of the CIS.

• unitholders' access to the documents necessary to arrange the redemption of the whole or part of their holdings of units and provide information in relation to how a redemption will be paid; and

• any other documents required to be made available in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of Ireland.

Our affiliate law firm, Maples and Calder, can provide professional and timely advice in relation to the regulatory rules and notifications required to be filed with the Central Bank of Ireland (“CBI”).

Maples Fund Services is an independent global fund services provider focused on enhancing your investment processes and forging a lasting relationship with you. Going beyond traditional fund administration services, we adapt every solution to meet your individual needs.

With offices in key locations around the world, our clients include global financial institutions and investment management firms. As a firm recognised internationally by managers and investors for our quality and professionalism, we are able to offer professional and comprehensive services tailored to client requirements.

For further information please contact:

Emma Conaty
Maples and Calder
+353 1 6192708

Stephen Lewis
Maples Fund Services
+ 44 20 7466 1633

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