Cayman AEOI Portal - FATCA Deadlines Extended Further

21 May 2015

Cayman AEOI Portal - FATCA Deadlines Extended Further

Further to our last update in relation to the extension of deadlines for both notification and reporting by Reporting Financial Institutions ("Reporting FIs") through the Cayman Islands AEOI Portal ("Portal"), the Department of International Tax Cooperation has issued a further advisory confirming the extension of the notification deadline to 29 May 2015 and the reporting (of US Reportable Accounts) to 26 June 2015. 

For further information in relation to the use of the Portal and Reporting FIs' obligations on notification and reporting, please visit our dedicated FATCA and CRS webpage

If you have any questions regarding the advisory or your obligations, or if you require assistance with the notification or reporting process, please speak with your usual Maples and Calder or MaplesFS contact.  Additionally, you may contact any one of the above members of our FATCA team.

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