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11 May 2018

In this review, George Loutas provides an up-to-date summary of key legal and practical developments in the area of real estate law in the Cayman Islands, as well as a snapshot of the important market drivers, trends and opportunities. His contribution formed part of the seventh edition of The Real Estate Law Review which covered 35 jurisdictions.

This article first appeared in the seventh edition of The Real Estate Law Review, published by Law Business Research in March 2018.

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10 May 2018

Further to our previous updates, the Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation (the "DITC") issued an advisory dated 4 May 2018 announcing that the Country-by-Country Reporting Portal is now available for Multinational Enterprise Groups to conduct their notification obligations to the DITC under the CbCR Regulations.

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9 May 2018

Maples and Calder is pleased to announce a new corporate partnership with the National Gallery of Ireland where the firm will support the newly branded Creative Space in the Gallery’s Atrium.

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4 May 2018

John Dykstra and Abraham Thoppil contributed to the latest Captive Review's ILS Report 2018.

Captive Review's ILS 2018 was first published in April 2018 by Pageant Media Limited.

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2 May 2018

With effect from 9 June 2018, unlimited undertakings formed outside Ireland (provided they are a subsidiary undertaking of a limited liability body corporate) who have established a branch in Ireland ("FUU") will be obliged to register details with the Irish Companies Registration Office ("CRO") and file financial statements annually.

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