eServices Compliance - The Compliance Monitoring Solution

Regulated entities have an increasing number of legal regulatory obligations they must comply with.  Competent authorities' powers of sanctions have increased and there is now a credible threat of enforcement action for failure to have a robust systems and controls environment in place. Monitoring an entity's compliance with the applicable legal regulatory obligations is time consuming and can be prone to error.  Maples and Calder has designed and developed eServices Compliance, an automated compliance monitoring programme, aimed at ensuring clients have robust systems and controls environments within their businesses.

...ensures a robust systems and controls environment utilising internal compliance more effectively

eServices Compliance effectively utilises resources within legal and compliance departments and provides assistance to clients prior to and during regulatory inspections, board meetings and internal/external audits.  The system has a large number of modules that can be utilised depending on an entity's regulatory licence.  To assist clients even further, the Financial Services Regulatory team builds bespoke compliance modules specifically tailored to clients' internal operational procedures across multiple jurisdictions and financial markets.

eServices Compliance:

  • Provides clients with a central repository for evidencing completion of monitoring tasks
  • Timely notifications of new or changes to applicable regulations
  • Ability to be tailored to meet multiple jurisdictional and operational business requirements
  • Timely automated email notifications to those responsible for completing monitoring tasks


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eServices Compliance has been tailored to meet client's internal operational policies and procedures manuals.  For more information on this system and how it can be utilised to enhance your systems and controls environment, please contact David Nolan.