Maples and Calder Dublin
work 75 St. Stephen's Green Dublin 2 D02 PR50 Ireland


Having studied legal science, sociology and politics for my primary degree I chose to concentrate on law and began an LLB while focusing on Commercial Law for my LLM.  It had always been my hope to put this into practice with a large international commercial firm such as Maples.  It became clear very early during the interview process that Maples is a business with a global profile and was exactly the type of firm I wanted to work with.

My first impressions of Maples have been confirmed, throughout my training and since qualification, I have been pleasantly surprised to be playing a material role in the various deals, as my expectation had only ever been to be of help to the other lawyers around me.  I qualified into the Corporate department and while the work is challenging at all levels, I leave every day knowing I have learnt something new, whilst also becoming more confident and capable. 

The culture of the firm respects best practice in terms of collegiality, openness and collaboration. On the social side Maples also has many extra curricular activities and there have been plenty of enjoyable nights out since joining the firm.